The Freight 001 is designed to be more purpose built for jet ski gear and clothing transportation. Everything has its own place, so nothing will ever be left behind. The design was driven by performance and quality.

The bag has a padded and vented helmet compartment, trusted for even the nicest helmets. On the outside of the bag there is a fold out mat for the rider to change into or out of their riding gear regardless of the terrain. There is a separate and vented shoe compartment, that can fit up to two pairs of riding shoes. Additionally, there is a separate compartment for all the rider’s dry clothes and towels, with a clip for their lanyard. Lastly a separate compartment for their wet suit, life jacket, tour coat and board shorts. This compartment is designed to hold their wet gear and allow it to dry within the bag. When the bag is not in transportation, the bottom section can be unzipped and the bag can be stood on end to allow the gear to dry on the hanger. All compartments of the bag have removable liners to rid of any sand or debris from your gear. The bag is manufactured with the highest-grade materials. Every element was carefully considered for the needs of the rider in this sport.

Freight web layout-05.jpg